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Does The iPad 2 Have 512 MB of RAM?

While Apple never provides exact information on the amount of RAM they manage to build into their mobile devices, speculation and teardowns in the past always offered good indication and proof of the specs of iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. We know the iPhone 4 has 512 MB of RAM (likely to jump up to 1 GB this summer with the iPhone 5) and the iPad 1 only featured 256 MB of memory. The iPad 2 was announced yesterday, and now the question is: how much RAM does the A5-powered new tablet have?

According to a Korean semiconductor analyst quoted by AppleInsider, the iPad 2 has double the RAM of its predecessor -- 512 MB. The analyst apparently also revealed through a series of tweets that Apple is using LPDDR2 memory in the iPad, contrary to LPDDR1 from the original iPad.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities also told AppleInsider that the RAM in the iPad 2 would run at a higher clock speed of 1,066MHz for greater memory bandwidth than the 800MHz memory in the iPhone 4.

Kuo also indicated back in January that the iPad 2 would have LPDDR2 RAM at a speed of 1,066MHz, corroborating Lee's more recent claims. Kuo said the memory would be supplied by both Samsung and Hynix.

Previous rumors pointed to the iPad 2 featuring 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM. Someone got it right eventually, but we think the most important achievement for Apple isn't the amount of RAM or Ghz in the A5 -- rather, we'd focus on the improved specs in a thinner design that yet haven't compromised the battery life. That should be the most important thing in the consumer experience and, together with a faster and snappier device, what will make sure Apple sells millions of this thing this year, again.

Update: Softpedia also notes that the iMovie for iPad webpage should confirm the new device has 512 MB of RAM. In fact, the app won't work on the iPad 1 but it already does on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G which, guess what, have 512 MB of RAM.

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