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Automattic Acquires Poster for iOS

In a post (via 512 Pixels), developer Tom Witkin has announced that his WordPress client for iPhone and iPad, Poster, has been acquired by Automattic – the company that is also behind (among other products). He writes:

I’m elated to share that I, along with Poster, will be joining Automattic. I’ll be working with the mobile team where I’ll be both designing and coding.

Following the acquisition, Poster has been removed from the App Store and is no longer available for sale. According to Witkin, the best features of the app will be incorporated into the official WordPress app over time. Poster isn't listed in Automattic's gallery of products.

Poster is one of my most used apps on the iPhone and iPad. I have developed several workflows for it, which leverage the app's advanced features such as support for URL schemes, custom fields, and integration with browser bookmarklets.

It will be interesting to see which Poster features Automattic will decide to bring over to WordPress, and how. Automattic also acquired popular note-taking tool Simplenote earlier this year, and the service has continued to work albeit with no major additions or changes yet.

For now, I will keep Poster installed on my devices, as I believe it provides a superior posting experience than the official WordPress app. I am sad that we'll never see a proper iOS 7 version of Poster, though.