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AT&T Details iPad 3G Activation, Usage

So exactly how many iPad 3G's have landed in customer's hands? AT&T gave up some of the juicy details as a part of their quarterly earnings report.

- AT&T reported that it activated service on 400,000-500,000 iPad "Wi-Fi + 3G" devices during the quarter, which actually consists of only the last two months of the quarter as the 3G-capable models did not begin shipping until the very end of April.

- 75-80% of iPad data customers are on the more expensive 2 GB plan priced at $25 per month as opposed to the 250 MB plan at $14.99 per month. AT&T had initially launched an unlimited data plan priced at $29.99 per month, and users who joined that plan while it was in effect can remain on it for the foreseeable future provided they do not allow their service to lapse.

It was also noted that 50% of all Fortune 100 companies have deployed or are piloting the iPad for corporate use.

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