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Apple Posts New Apple Music Ads with the Theme of “Discovery”

Today Apple released three new videos advertising Apple Music, all focused on the discovery aspects of the service. The new tagline debuted in the ads is "All the artists you love and are about to love".

While that tagline seems like a bit of a mouthful, I suppose it makes its point. Apple wants to position Apple Music as the new home for your music: there's no downside to trying it because all of the artists you already know and love are there waiting for you, but it's also the best place to discover new artists you'll love that you are currently missing out on.

To showcase this, two of the ads are almost entirely made up of performances by artists James Bay and Kygo. At the end of the "Discover James Bay" and "Discover Kygo" ads, some text and buttons scroll down on top of the video. It is the artist's name, a "Following" button, and three radio buttons: All, My Music, and Connect. This is the view you see in Apple Music when you open an artist's page.

Amusingly, while in both ads the "Connect" radio button is selected, Kygo does not actually even have a Connect page at this time (meaning that "Connect" button which is selected doesn't even exist on his page in Apple Music), and James Bay has only ever posted a single item. Probably not the best two artists to use to drum up interest in the Connect features of Apple Music.

The third video, titled simply "Discovery" is voiced by Trent Reznor, and features a variety of artists (including Bay and Kygo) preparing to be filmed. Reznor's narration describes the motivations behind starting Apple Music, leading up to the new tagline. I would be surprised if we didn't see some more of these "Discover [some artist]" videos soon, featuring the other artists that were shown in "Discovery".

You can check out all three ads below.

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