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Apple Patents Electronic Spectacles to Watch 3D Films

The Telegraph reports that Apple has patented “iSpecs”, electronic spectacles that should enable people to watch films on the go, right in front of their eyes.

“Worn like a pair of glasses, the gadget has already been nicknamed “iSpecs” by technology fans. Plans for the device are revealed in a patent application, published this month by Apple. The document shows how users would slot their iPod or iPhone, on which the film is shown, into the head-mounted gadget. A special “smart” lens in the iSpecs then projects the image from the screen so that it can be comfortably viewed by the user.

The lens would also be able to split the image into two different frames, one for each eye, so that it appears the picture is being seen from slightly different angles. This would produce a stereoscopic image, giving the illusion the film being watched was three dimensional.

The device is also to be fitted with a camera that would stream video of the outside world into a smaller screen in the glasses. If someone approaches the user or tries to get their attention, this would be detected by infrared sensors and the video stream would pop up inside the glasses, allowing the wearer to see what is happening.”

Now, seriously, Apple patents between 20-30 new ideas per week. And while some are cool and many are crap, I can’t really see this one happening. At least not without Steve’s retro glasses.

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