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Adobe Announces Creative Cloud Subscription Service for CS6 Desktop Apps

Adobe has officially announced an exciting upcoming service they are calling Creative Cloud, which is designed to tie together their droves of design oriented applications. Creative Cloud is a self-proclaimed “digital hub” that not only allows users to sync multiple computers, but it will also keep mobile devices in sync with the help of Adobe’s already available suite of Touch Apps and the upcoming web service powered by Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud is a large endeavor for Adobe and they are not satisfied with only providing a cloud based file management solution. In addition to the aforementioned sync feature, subscribers will also have access to an “App Store” of sorts that will host the entire set of CS6 desktop apps available for download at no additional charge. This “App Store” will also provide Adobe with a fast and convenient way to push out new features in between major software releases. Furthermore, there will be several new apps available for download related to HTML5 design, e.g., Adobe Muse for webpage creation and Adobe Edge for web animation design. These tools harness the power of web standards to create beautiful and compliant HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript-based content. Along with the web creation tools are the new digital publishing options as well as online web hosting and even access to Adobe’s Typekit collection.

Creative Cloud is currently only available for pre-order, with an estimated availability of May 7th, 2012. The price point is perhaps the best part of this announcement as an entire year of this subscription service is only $49.99 a month. It is also available as a month-to-month option for $74.99. The compatible platforms include both Windows and Mac and will come in multiple languages. Be sure to check Adobe’s tech specs page to ensure the tools you intend to use are available in your language. Moreover, Adobe is providing a special introductory price for current Creative Suite users – allowing them an entire year of service for only $29 a month.

This is a great option for both personal users and businesses, as the price savings alone is a considerable value. The lower up-front cost to gain access to the CS6 desktop apps might even entice new customers to give professional tools a chance. Regardless, this will likely be a great success for design teams already using Adobe products but are looking for an easier way to handle shared files and online content publishing.

Check out the Adobe promotional video for more details below.

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