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“Send to Kindle for Mac” Now Available

“Send to Kindle for Mac” Now Available

Jacqui Cheng, reporting for Ars Technica:

More than three months after releasing software for Windows-users to send documents to a Kindle, Amazon has now released the Mac version. Announced on Tuesday afternoon, the “Send to Kindle for Mac” application allows Mac users to wirelessly send personal documents to their Kindles via drag-and-drop in the Dock or within the app itself. Users can also send documents to the Kindle by printing from any Mac application.

I have tried the new Amazon desktop utility, and it also allows you to upload files to your Kindle library (devices and Kindle apps) with a contextual Finder menu. The app comes with options to select the Kindle device you want to upload files to, and gets rid of the old email-based “file forwarding” system by integrating a simple upload status indicator within the main interface. Documents can be archived in your Kindle Library (which was recently introduced on Kindle for iOS), and there is an option to convert PDFs to Kindle format. A Getting Started guide with a list of supported file formats is available on Amazon’s website.

Download the “Send to Kindle” Mac app here.