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iOS Text Editor Roundup

iOS Text Editor Roundup

In my article about text editors from two weeks ago, I compared my four favorite apps for writing on the iPad. In his amazingly researched text editor roundup, Brett Terpstra did the opposite: he took every text editor for iPhone and iPad out there, crowdsourced the initial compiling of the data, then put everything back together adding features, descriptions, links, and images for the apps.

This is a feature comparison of text editors on iOS. The information was compiled by the web community on an open Google spreadsheet. I cannot vouch for its current accuracy, but will be verifying everything as I’m able. It’s meant to help you find the most useful way to write, code or take notes for your personal needs. Every editor is geared toward a slightly different purpose, with their own strenghts and focus.

Brett did a fantastic job and I’m already downloading some new apps I didn’t know about thanks to his roundup. Check it out here (and make sure to bookmark it, as he’s adding new features to the webpage every day).