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Gravitational Force in Angry Birds Space Analyzed

Gravitational Force in Angry Birds Space Analyzed

Rhett Allain has posted a follow-up to his 2010 article The Physics of Angry Birds, this time studying the gravitational force that influences the trajectories of Rovio’s birds in the franchise’s latest installment, Angry Birds Space. The article goes into great detail analyzing the forces that may affect the gameplay mechanics Rovio built into the game.

If the scale of the sling shot is the same as the scale in the Earth-based Angry Birds, then the birds are launched with a speed of about 25 m/s. This is similar to the launch speed in Earth-based Angry Birds — for which I found a launch speed of about 23 m/s.

Read the full story on Wired if you’re looking for real numbers and a complete dissertation on the “friction” Rovio must be implementing in Angry Birds Space. Make sure to check out Allain’s analysis from November 2011 as well, specifically focused on the yellow Angry Bird.