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Full Analysis Of Apple’s Lawsuit Against Samsung

Full Analysis Of Apple’s Lawsuit Against Samsung

As we saw in the article about iPod touch, iPad and iPhone sales, Nilay Patel’s rundown of the Apple / Samsung lawsuit is an interesting read full of details. I’d like, however, to link back with a dedicated post – you really shouldn’t miss Patel’s detailed analysis of the lawsuit.

So now that Apple’s made its case, what does it want the court to do? Simple — it wants Samsung to pay up for the infringements in the past and stop infringing in the future. Specifically, Apple’s asking the court to permanently forbid Samsung and its various divisions and suppliers from ever infringing Apple’s claimed IP again, as well as triple damages for patent infringement, any wrongful profits Samsung might have gained from using Apple’s IP, some punitive damages, money for corrective advertising, and the cost of Apple’s attorney’s fees. That’s all pretty standard stuff, but it’s all very dependent on the claims themselves — and by the time a judge or jury is deciding on damages, the claims will have been argued into something very different. That’s years from now.

Much has been said about Samsung’s intention to “copy” the iOS style with is TouchWiz UI, and it’s pretty clear from the lawsuit that, even if Samsung is a key partner in Apple’s supply chain for iOS devices, Apple will do everything necessary to protect its intellectual properties and patents. The PDF of the document filed in the Northern District of California is available here.