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Clear Sells 350,000 Copies In 9 Days

Clear Sells 350,000 Copies In 9 Days

The Guardian reports “buttonless” todo list app Clear has sold over 350,000 copies in nine days of App Store availability:

We’ve sold just over 350,000 copies,” says product manager Nik Fletcher. “The launch day was massive, and by Wednesday last week it was number one on App Stores around the world. It’s been an incredible response.”

Clear costs 69p on the App Store, meaning that the app has generated net revenues of just over £169,000 so far, after Apple’s 30% cut. The revenues are being shared between Realmac, software studio Impending and co-creator Milen Dzhumerov, as Clear was a collaborative project.

Clear is another example of the App Store’s uniqueness as a platform for independent developers. A simple idea such as a todo list application for iPhone, coupled with a great UI and the right marketing strategy can be a sustainable business model for smaller development shops and individuals. It’s also another example of how buzz and social networks such as Twitter can build an incredible amount of hype around software these days (just take a look at the visualizations on Clear’s Vimeo teaser).

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