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tvOS 9.2 Beta Adds Podcasts App, Folders, Bluetooth Keyboard Support, New App Switcher

In addition to iOS 9.3, Apple released the first beta of tvOS 9.2 today. Benjamin Mayo has a rundown of what's new at 9to5Mac:

With the new Apple TV tvOS 9.2 beta, Apple has added a whole host of new features to the tvOS platform. This includes support for pairing Bluetooth keyboards, Folders organisation for apps on the home screen, a new App Switcher UI and a native Apple Podcasts app.

There are also some enhancements to Siri and other improvements. Apple has added support for two new Siri languages: US Spanish and French Canadian.

There was a ton of work left to do in the first tvOS – and I'd argue that the software shouldn't have shipped without Remote app support – but it looks like Apple is catching up quickly.