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Timepage Introduces Proactive ‘Assistant’ for Smarter Notifications

Back in January, I wrote a review of Moleskine Timepage, lauding it for its beautiful design and robust feature set.

After receiving other significant updates throughout the year, Timepage updated yesterday with a new Assistant, a contextually aware tool for keeping your schedule as organized as possible.

Through Assistant, Timepage can:

  • Provide a summary of your day’s events;
  • Alert you when you should leave for a meeting;
  • Encourage you to follow up with a contact;
  • Send weather alerts when it detects potentially significant climate events;
  • Notify you before an event starts.

Each of these five notifications can be configured by heading into Assistant’s settings. From there, you can tap on the desired alert system and adjust items such as the time of your daily briefing or the prior notice for moderate or heavy rain. Included below are screenshots of the varying options under each piece of Assistant.

With the addition of Assistant, Timepage further stands out as a top calendar app for your iPhone. If you’ve yet to make the jump to Timepage, I strongly encourage you to check it out on the App Store for $4.99.