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‘sodes Embodies Beauty and Minimalism in a Podcast Player

Jared Sinclair launched a new iPhone app today, ‘sodes. Short for ‘episodes,’ the app offers a simple, no-frills podcast listening experience.

Unsurprisingly considering Sinclair’s previous work, ‘sodes is a beautiful app. Perhaps my favorite designed area is the Now Playing view; after I first tried it, going back to another app’s Now Playing screen was painful. The app especially shines on the iPhone X’s full-width display. As was highlighted in Federico and John’s discussion on AppStories last year, an indie app’s little human touches can elicit such delight – and ‘sodes is a great example of that.

‘sodes was designed to be nearly feature-absent (at least to the user’s eye), so you won’t find things like chapter support, Smart Speed, playlists, or any such extras. You can adjust the duration of skips forward and back, there are multiple color themes, and playback speed can be set anywhere from 0.5x to 2x – but that’s about it. Mainly, the app gives you podcasts in a clean, minimal, delightful wrapper. If that’s enough for you, you might just love it.

‘sodes is available on the App Store.