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Pod Wrangler on the Web

David Smith’s lightweight podcast app now has a web companion in beta.

Today I’m rolling out a beta version of website integration for Pod Wrangler right on You can now listen to your podcasts from within any modern browser. Playback position is synced up with Pod Wrangler so you shouldn’t need to fuss with finding your place. This works great for finishing off that episode you were listening to on your drive into work or in a context when you just can’t use your iPhone.

If you don’t like listening to podcasts in iTunes or in Apple’s Podcast app, give Pod Wrangler a try. It’s not an app that’s big on looks, but it’s fast and functional. If you run or listen to podcasts on your daily commute, Pod Wrangler recently added On-the-Go which makes playback controls big and easy to tap. You’ll have to become a full member by making an in-app purchase in the iPhone app to gain access to the web version, but being able to listen to your favorite podcasts from any of your desktops and laptops is really nice.