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Life on iPad

Last night, Apple published a new mini-site called “Life on iPad” that, alongside a video that was first shown at the iPad event on October 22, includes profiles of people whose personal lives and businesses have been transformed and enriched by the iPad.

While I agree with Fraser Speirs’ comment, I think that this bit from Palmaz Vineyards’ profile sums it up well:

iPad brings us the perfect balance of function and creativity. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the one device we all love at home is the same device we want to use at work. Nothing else comes close.

The examples that Apple is showcasing are obviously specific (wind service technicians; Broadway dancers; a surgeon) because they need to tell a captivating story (“Frank, average iPad user from Dallas” doesn’t exactly make for an enticing profile), but the underlying theme is clear. The iPad is what you make of it.