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Ensure that if a device isn’t secure it can’t access your apps.  It’s Device Trust for Okta.

Joe Steel’s tvOS Wish List

I haven’t read many tvOS wish lists this year (primarily because I don’t use my Apple TV very often), but I found Joe Steel’s tvOS wish list to offer a lot of interesting ideas, such as a UI for live programming:

Apple could offer a mechanism for an installed app to register that it offers live video, and to detail what the programming for that live video is. Only the applications that are installed would be present, and their programming viewable while watching another video stream. Potentially you could even ask Siri “What’s on?” to pull up the guide. Or ask “When are the Oscars on?” and get that familiar, linear bar of what’s available.

Let’s not forget that “live TV” isn’t typically live, it’s just an linear stream of shows and ads set to play at given times. That linear stream is a useful way (but not the only way) for people to find new shows thanks to the serendipity of turning on a TV during a certain time slot. Techies might scoff at such notions, but … like it’s a thing.

His thoughts on backups, App Store, and the Remote app are also spot-on.