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iTunes Radio Becoming Part of Apple Music Membership

BuzzFeed’s Brendan Klinkenberg, reporting a statement from Apple on iTunes Radio ceasing to exist as standalone ad-supported service:

“We are making Beats 1 the premier free broadcast from Apple and phasing out the ad-supported stations at the end of January,” an Apple spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “Additionally, with an Apple Music membership, listeners can access dozens of radio stations curated by our team of music experts, covering a range of genres, commercial-free with unlimited skips. The free three-month trial of Apple Music includes radio.”

BuzzFeed argues that the exit from ad-supported stations is related to Apple phasing out its iAd network. From a customer’s perspective, iTunes Radio was limited to the US and Australia; folding stations – both those curated by Apple and created by users – into Apple Music will reach a wider audience and offer unlimited skips and no ads between songs.