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How Modern Family Filmed an Episode Entirely with iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks

Last week, ABC announced that today’s episode of Modern Family has been entirely recorded using iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. BuzzFeed has the details on how it was done, including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and an interview with show co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan. I won’t spoil it, so go watch the video here.

This bit was interesting:

And while the episode many seem to stray from the show’s traditional format, Levitan explains that over the ABC comedy’s six seasons, certain scenes have been shot on iPhones for a variety of reasons, but viewers most likely didn’t notice the difference between something shot with a sophisticated digital camera and an iPhone camera. For example, “there was a scene where Manny (Rico Rodriguez) was dressed as a mascot at a basketball game, so rather than recreating a whole basketball game, I quickly shot my son’s basketball game on my iPhone,” Levitan told BuzzFeed News in an email. “Then we filmed Rico against a green screen, and inserted the shot into the episode.”

Pretty incredible that TV shows can be shot using a phone and you won’t even notice.