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Google Announces Cardboard SDK for iOS, VR View for Apps and Websites

Interesting updates for the only VR viewer I own: starting today, iOS developers can create native apps for Google's Cardboard VR thanks to a new iOS SDK, and they can also embed VR views in their apps and websites.

VR views take 360 VR images or videos and transform them into interactive experiences that users can view on their phone, with a Cardboard viewer, or on their desktop computer. For native apps, you can embed a VR view by grabbing the latest Cardboard SDK for Android or iOS and adding a few lines of code. On the web, embedding a VR view is as simple as adding an iframe on your site. We’re open-sourcing the HTML and JavaScript for web developers on github, so you can self-host and modify it to match your needs.

Google's blog post has an example of a VR view – tap a button, put your phone in the Cardboard, and view the content in VR. Very nice.