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Flipboard Launches a Web Editor for Managing Magazines

Alongside an Android update that brings it up to par with the iOS version, Flipboard has made available a web editor for managing your collection of curated magazines in Flipboard. The new site, launched at, lets you change your profile information (such as your bio and name), create magazines, edit details of existing magazines, and delete them. You can also change the cover photo for your magazines if you like and open articles for saved content, but it’s not really designed as an online web browser as much as it’s designed to quickly rearrange articles or delete ones you’re simply no longer interested in. Providing just the basics, Flipboard also reminds you to download their mobile app if you try to browse someone else’s magazine — the editor is just a convenient interface for seeing what you have in your collection and nothing more. With the addition of the editor, what I’d like to see next is an extension for web browsers, letting me save links to my magazine of choice as I’m surfing the web so I can share content with friends and family from anywhere.