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Diet Coda Relaunches as Coda for iOS

The excellent Diet Coda for iOS (which I first covered three years ago) has been relaunched by Panic as Coda for iOS today, bringing a new iPhone version, support for Panic Sync, and tons of other enhancements that make this a desktop-class text editor and file manager for web developers.

As I noted on Twitter, I’m no developer, but Coda feels exactly like the type of app we need on iOS. A full-featured iOS counterpart – not a “remote” or “companion” app – that brings over features that make sense on iOS and that can be even better because of the portability of an iPhone or iPad. While not everyone will always manage a site completely from iOS, such goal doesn’t sound ridiculous anymore, and I’m glad that Panic has brought Coda back and made it more powerful in the process. Between this and OmniFocus 2.6, it’s been a good week for productivity software on iOS.

Coda for iOS is $9.99, but a free update for old Diet Coda customers. Great deal.

(Please note: the tweet above is sarcastic.)