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Businessweek Interviews Cook, Ive, and Federighi

On the launch week of iOS 7, the iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c, Businessweek scored an interview with Apple's top executives. The interview doesn't focus on the new iPhones or thinking behind iOS 7, it's not very long, and it dwells a bit too much on the implications behind Android's market share and the old Apple-Microsoft war in the 90s.

But there are some good bits, such as this one:

The line against Apple is that its pace of innovation is off, but Ive and Federighi dismiss that. The two are keen to point out not just new features, but also the deep layers of integration that went into each one. Of the 5S’s fingerprint scanner, Ive says, “there are so many problems that had to be solved to enable one big idea.” Without mentioning competitors (Samsung), it’s clear the two executives think some of what passes for innovation is illusory at best. “We didn’t start opportunistically with 10 bits of technology that we could try to find a use for to add to our features list,” Ive says.

Federighi jumps in: “New? New is easy. Right is hard.”