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FML for iPhone, Delight in Misfortune. Review and Giveaway.

Life has no mercy sometimes, but I really don’t care much about it. As long as I can keep doing what I love and not doing what I can’t stand, I won’t give a shit about what could happen to me if I do something. That’s how I live everyday. But on the other hand, I can’t help but laughing at listening to other people’s tragedies, bad happenings and FAILs . If you ever lol’ed for someone falling down the stairs, you know what I’m talking about - let’s face it. But what about telling the world your own everyday life stories,and let people laugh at them?

Meet F* My Life, unofficial FML client for iPhone.

FML’s motto is “Is funny, it’s true, except when it happens to you” and it couldn’t be more accurate than this: the stories are real fun. But thinking about that stuff happening to me, even if I usually don’t care about what could happen, I’m a little bit worried actually. To get the hang of it, let me quote some FMLs:

Today, I went to a party, and the girl I really like started telling me how much she likes me and how she thought we would be good together. I was so drunk I threw up on her.

Today, I spent 2 hours doing my hair, doing my make-up, and picking out an outfit to meet some men. On chatroulette.

Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got my birthdate wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years.

Today, my husband dropped me off at work. Ten minutes later I got a text saying “I just dropped the btch off I’ll be there in a few baby, miss you”. I asked him about it he said “I don’t know what you’re talking about Megan”. My name isn’t Megan. Not even close.

Today, my teenage stepdaughters, as a punishment for refusing to buy them iphones, told my wife they saw me in town kissing an attractive blonde and grabbing her ass (all invented). She believed it and i’m single. I’ve been faithful and feeding the whole family for 10 years.

Today I noticed that my daughter was making funny noises which oddly ressembled the sounds my wife makes in bed. When I asked her what she was doing she said “I’m pretending to be mommy from last night.” I was on a business trip last night.

Now, these guys have no doubt something wrong in their lives, and I really can’t think about something like that happening to me. That’s crazy, more than the girl making the same sounds her mother did the night before. And is full of things like these, with new ones added everyday.I don’t know if all these “tragedies” are real, but I know that there’s some sort of moderation for new entries so I guess they figured out a solution to validate these stories. Anyway, the point is that FML has now an un-official iPhone client and guess what, it’s cool and nice looking.

FML for iPhone (from Coding Dutchmen) sports a great looking user interface made of a wooden background with papers containing all the FMLs submitted by the community. There are 5 tabs at the bottom: latest, top, random, categories and settings. The settings let you log in with your FML account (if you have one) and change between the various international versions of the website (yeah, there’s an Italian one too).

FML iPhone App

FML iPhone App

The other tabs are pretty much self explanatory: you can read the latest submissions, see what’s trending at the top, get fed with random tragedies or browse by categories. Im really digging the random method, as you never know what the app might present you. Tapping on a message from the list view opens the single message view, and if you logged in, you can comment and rate stuff here.

FML iPhone App

FML iPhone App

FML iPhone App

FML iPhone App

That’s it for FML, a simple app that could make your day by reading bad things happened to strangers. I find myself using it everyday, just to remind me that life is a bitch, and I’m glad that stuff hasn’t happened to me (yet). Except when I told my friend that girl he came to school with had a very slutty face, and she was her girlfriend - but that’s another story.


Wait, we’ve got 9 copies to give away. To enter the contest you have to leave a comment here, and tell us the funniest FML moment ever happened to you. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 17th.

Good luck!

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