Date-Focused Note Taking

Shut Up, I Create Content On My iPad.

I keep reading posts on the internet about people stating that the iPad is the perfect device to consume content. They say it’s perfect for music, videos, pictures. I’m ok with that. It’s true: the tablet form factor surely helps a lot in practicing these activities.

I also read posts and comments from other people, these ones claiming that there’s no way you can produce original content on the iPad. They have a pretty large following, too. They share consensus that if a device is perfect for consuming, then it must be terrible at producing.

Let me tell you why they’re wrong.

Most of my stories and reviews are written using Simplenote on the iPad. If you still haven’t tried the app, go download it immediately. It’s a very minimal note taking application that constantly sync notes in cloud and allows you to write across multiple devices such as your iPad, iPhone and Mac. Despite its platform-wide compatibility, I usually write on the iPad. Why? Because it’s the closest thing to writing that I’ve tried in my entire life. I don’t have to press keys, I tap on a screen. It’s a quite different feeling. I can put the iPad on my lap and write, sit down on couch and write, wander around the house and proofread in Simplenote. Other alternatives worth a mention are Apple’s Pages and Writeroom.

So what’s the point of this. The point is, the iPad and the App Store give you the tools to be productive. I can write posts, take screenshots and publish on MacStories, but there are designers checking on their drafts with the tablet or web developers logging in their website’s backend using apps such as Gusto. There are filmmakers carrying an iPad on set everyday, VCs using one during meetings, even the White House adopted them.

Don’t let the ignorance of a few bloggers and journalists fool you. Just because a device is young and good at consuming content, it doesn’t mean that it can’t bring you the old tools of producing stuff - in a new way. And this is happening right now, just look for the application you need on the App Store.

So, shut up. Let us be productive.

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