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ProductiveMacs Bundle: 9 Great Mac Apps for $29.99

There are some nice software bundles available for the Mac right now, and this one is no exception. Apparent Software has a great ProductiveMacs bundle that contains some excellent utilities that will help you get work done. Some of the highlights of the bundle are TextExpander (one of our favorites), TaskPaper, Trickster (brand new, read our review), and Path Finder. If you had to purchase all nine of these productive goodies separately they would cost $239 but this new bundle is priced at the super-low total of $29.99.

This ProductiveMacs bundle includes:

  • TextExpander: Saves you countless keystrokes with customized abbreviations for your frequently-used text strings and images. $35
  • Path Finder: An award-winning file browser and management application for Mac OS X. $40
  • TaskPaper: A simple to-do list that’s surprisingly adept. Unlike standard organizers, TaskPaper gets out of your way so that you can get things done. Original price is $25.
  • Concealer: It keeps files and confidential information secure, out of sight, and organized. Sold for $20.
  • Trickster: If you work with files, Trickster is the ultimate productivity booster for you. It keeps track of files, folders and applications you’ve been using on your computer and gives you super easy and lightning fast access to them. $10.
  • DesktopShelves: This app helps you fight the clutter on your desktop by organizing files on shelves that saves space on your screen. $15
  • Optimal Layout: A powerful window manager giving you incredible flexibility in accessing and arranging your on screen windows. $14
  • DiskAid: Transfer files between your iPhone & your Mac. Original price $30
  • iDocument: It makes managing documents as easy as creating them. It helps you find, manage, organize and view documents on your Mac. $50

Even if you only need a few of the utilities available, $29.99 easily makes up for the cost of just one or two of these apps.  The ProductiveMacs bundle is incredibly affordable and totally worth it whether you’re a keystroke king or someone who needs to get more organized. $29.99 gets you nine really great Mac apps (with licenses delivered just about instantly) that are surefire guaranteed to make your Mac and you a little bit more productive.

Disclaimer: For every bundle purchased through MacStories, we receive a small kickback. If you’re interested in the bundle and supporting the MacStories crew, please use the link here or any of the affiliate links above.

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