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Kotaku’s “Everything You Should Know” Primer on Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Kotaku’s "Everything You Should Know" Primer on Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Released through Beamdog on the PC last week and developed by their gaming division Overhaul Games, BioWare’s 1998 classic RPG Baldur’s Gate makes its return as an Enhanced Edition that includes the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack, a new adventure, and a few new characters. Now available on the App Store for iPads running iOS 6, I’d recommend reading through Kotaku’s explainer of the isometric remake, as well as Mike Fahey’s 13-year-old review of the original game.

If you ask me, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition should be played traditionally with a keyboard and mouse. I’d recommend waiting for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to arrive on the Mac — expected later this month. But if you’re so inclined to play on a touchscreen, I’d wait for a proper review (say, from the folks at Touch Arcade) before embarking on your next adventure in the Forgotten Realms.