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AT&T Investigating iPhone 4 Pre-order Security Issues

The iPhone 4 pre-orders were plagued with an incredible mess of mis-payments, wrong account information, and overall bad juju. Yesterday Gizmodo readers sent the infamous blog details (rather, complaints) of the day’s events. It became an incredible security issue, as people ended up logging into others accounts - which allowed customers to purchase, change, or update information in their name. What’s worse is that of the customer’s who were successful, some were overcharged for their orders, or others had completely screwed up order information ranging from the wrong phone to weird plans.

As Charles who wrote in to Gizmodo puts it, “AT&T Sucks.”

This morning, Gizmodo is continuing AT&T’s exposure of security problems, as readers continue to send in proof of these inexcusable mishaps. With Steve Jobs so strung out about security issues pertaining to their company model, having the iPhone 4 associated with such a dramatic flaw can only provide a huge dose of resentment for Cupertino. And all of this comes right after customer’s iPad 3G data was breached.

Gizmodo sums up the issue nicely.

The first iPhone 4 pre-order day was a total disaster, with collapsed AT&T and Apple servers unable to take any orders, multiple incorrect purchases, reservations that didn’t reserve anything, physical stores closing or having to take order with pen and paper, and, the worst of all, people entering into AT&T’s account servers and seeing different customers’ information on screen.

“By itself, that’s a major security problem. But it gets worse. According to the proof sent by readers like Christian du Lac, the system was trying to use a credit card thatwasn’t his credit card during the purchase process…”

AppleInsider in the meantime reports that AT&T has been unable to replicate the issue. If that doesn’t frustrate the hell out of you, I don’t know what will - many customers are having serious issues with their orders, which exhibit a serious threat to customer privacy and security. If you’ve been following all the drama, be sure to double check your account and iPhone 4 order information for any snafus.

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