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MacStories Sponsorship Policy

MacStories is an independent publication run by Federico and a small team of writers. We work hard every day to earn and maintain the trust of MacStories’ readers and provide them with in-depth, honest coverage. Our readers always come first.

MacStories is also a business, and businesses have costs. One of the ways the bills get paid is through the sale of weekly sponsorships. In recent years, sponsorship sales were handled by a third-party vendor on behalf of MacStories. We recently decided to bring sponsorship sales in-house and wanted to explain what that means to our readers and prospective sponsors.

MacStories is not large enough to have the luxury of operating separate sales and editorial departments the way a traditional media company often does. Nonetheless, our reputation for fully and fairly covering the products and stories we do is of utmost importance to us. So with those realities and constraints in mind, we wanted to articulate the principles and policies by which MacStories has and will continue to accept sponsorships.

  • We only accept sponsorships for products that we are comfortable recommending to our readers.
  • Product reviews are not for sale. A sponsorship of MacStories is not an agreement to review a product.
  • The decision of whether to review a product is made separately from whether to accept a sponsorship.
  • We retain the final say over the content contained in sponsored blog posts, banner images, and any other content that appears on, its social media accounts, and its other publication channels.
  • To minimize actual and perceived conflicts of interest, we will not accept sponsorships from app developers, hardware makers, or online services for two weeks following the launch of a major new product or update covered by a MacStories review.

We hope you appreciate that we take your trust in MacStories and our team seriously and do our best to honor it with every editorial and business decision that we make. If you ever have any questions or concerns about these policies, feel free to get in touch.