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Apple Has The Thinnest Smartphone

Apple Has The Thinnest Smartphone

TechCrunch reports the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has ruled Apple, and not Samsung, has the world’s thinnest smartphone with the iPhone 4:

The ASA ruled that since the iPhone’s thickest point is thinner than the Galaxy S II’s thickest, Apple has the right to continue claiming the title. Samsung likely isn’t too pleased — save for a single thick bit, their GSII is mostly thinner, and Apple gets to maintain their positioning (in the UK at least) as purveyors of slim, sleek design.

This is a minor detail in the sea of ongoing litigations and lawsuits between Apple and Samsung, but a curious piece of information design-wise. The Galaxy S II is thinner than the iPhone 4 on most of its surface (8.71mm at the thinnest points, versus the iPhone’s 9.3mm), but the thickest point at 9.91mm (see photo) makes sure that the iPhone 4 can still claim to be the thinnest smartphone. The ASA’s interesting choice is that they didn’t measure by average thickness, they simply looked at the thickest point of the device.

Apple has touted the iPhone 4 as the world’s thinnest smartphone in its commercials and magazine ads.