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Watermarker 1.2 with Editable Custom Image Watermarks

I first looked at Watermarker, developed by my friend and colleague Don Southard, back in January when version 1.1 added batch processing:

Watermarker provides a simple and automated way to add watermarks to images. You can choose between various options including text, your own logo, or even a customizable strikethrough. The app has a clean interface with the “canvas” (the area where you can drop an image) displayed on the left, and watermarking settings on the right. I like how you can save presets (so I can have one for my “large” MacStories watermark, another one for the smaller version), and the fact that an image’s size is reported right below its preview.

Version 1.2 of the app, released today, comes with several enhancements for custom image watermarks, which are now editable. You can resize an image watermark that you want to place on top of other images through a pinch-to-zoom gesture or manual controls. Aside from the default positions, you can also click to drag a watermark around or use the arrow keys for additional precision. I'm happy with the feature because I often end up with watermarks that are either too big for a screenshot/photo, or that I would like to position elsewhere on an image.

You can check out Watermarker here. The app is available at $7.99 on the Mac App Store.