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The iPad is as Simple as a Tablet Gets

John Brownlee of Co.Design makes the case for why Apple has reached the pinnacle of tablet design with the iPad.

But what now? Where do you go when you have created a device that is as powerful as most people’s laptops, weighs less than a paperback, gets all-day battery life, features ultra high-resolution displays, costs less than $500, and is, in fact, only distinguishable from the next iPad by price and size? There are incremental refinements to look forward to, sure–some clock cycles here, some dropped ounces there–but if Apple’s goal was to create a window, they have finally gotten to the point where they have stripped nearly everything away from that window’s design besides the glass.

This why it’s very difficult to imagine that an iPad five or 10 years from now will look, feel, or even function very differently from the ones we have right now. It’s also why all the tablets of Apple’s competitors at CES feel even more irrelevant than ever. Once you perfect the design of a window down to its essence, the only thing that matters about it anymore is the vista it overlooks.

Correction: Originally I incorrectly cited Co.Design editor Suzanne LaBarre as the author, when it is John Brownlee. The link has been updated with the correct Author’s name.