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Storehouse: Visual Storytelling On iPad

I’ve been testing Storehouse, a new visual storytelling app for iPad released today, and I think it’s gorgeous. TechCrunch has more details on what Storehouse is and where it’s going, but, in short, it’s a service/app that lets you create stories with text, photos, and videos. Stories you publish can be read on the iPad or through a URL on the web, and you can follow other Storehouse users to read the stories they’ll share.

The Storehouse app is beautiful and technically impressive in my opinion. It reminds me of Push Pop Press in the way it uses physics and gestures to make content feel “alive” as you interact with the app – for instance, as you scroll a story vertically and you reach the bottom or top of a “page”, the view will slightly tilt in 3D to indicate that you’re going back to content behind the story. When you create a story, you can choose a photo or video as background content for the cover, and videos will auto-play in the story’s preview behind text overlays for titles and subtitles. It’s a really cool effect. Storehouse’s use of blurs, transitions, depth, and edge-to-edge photography make for a unique iOS 7 app that’s far from obvious or derivative.

Storehouse wants to enable everyone to create “beautiful” stories but, personally, I don’t think that my photos are good enough to create narratives worth sharing on services like Storehouse or Exposure. Still, it’s an impressive app, and the people behind it know what they’re doing, so I’m curious to see how it’ll grow. Storehouse is free on the App Store.