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Status Board Links

In my review of Panic’s Status Board, I mentioned that I was looking forward to seeing what the user community would come up with. That didn’t take long.

Hilton Lipschitz came up with a way to integrate Google Analytics with Status Board. He also has a version for Top Pages.

Thomas Bensmann created a script to fetch server statistics and display them in a table widget in Status Board.

Dave Verwer of Shiny Development has already updated the popular Average App Store Review Times site to include two feeds for Status Board, though he says a better version is in the works.

Adriano Manocchia posted a PHP script to parse data from AppFigures API 1.1 into JSON files ready for Status Board.

Bob VanderClay built a Nest panel for Status Board, and posted the code on GitHub.

And last, a Mint pepper for Status Board by Maxime Valette. My friend Preshit has the details:

Today, Maxime Valette, the creator of URI.LV has now released a Pepper for Mint that lets you add graphs for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly stats from your Mint installation to Status Board. He was kind enough to let me test it on my site and was quick to squash a few bugs. The installation of the pepper is simple and it even readily gives you clickable panicboard:// links that’ll automatically install the graph in your Status Board app.

I’m glad to see people are already creating cool hacks and widgets for Status Board, and I can’t wait to see more official Sources.

(Note: the URL of this linked post goes to my public statusboard tag on Pinboard, where you can find all the websites also linked above)

Update: Chris Patterson has put together a webpage collecting all Status Board-related links for hacks and scripts. Go bookmark it right now.