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Facebook Pulls Poke and Camera Apps From The App Store

Ellis Hamburger:

To Facebook, Poke was always “more of a joke” than anything else — so why did the company leave it in the App Store for more than a year after its troubled debut? We may never know, but today, Facebook finally put an end to Poke. If you check the App Store for Facebook's famed Snapchat clone, you won't find it. Facebook also took the opportunity, seemingly, to remove Camera, its photo uploading app. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the removals to The Verge, but provided no further comment.

Poke was indeed a joke, but Facebook Camera was a solid app with lots of clever details. From our original coverage in 2012:

Animations throughout Facebook Camera are fluid, the app is fast, and there's a lot of clever interaction to take advantage of throughout the interface — clearly Facebook's acquired talents have been hard at work in making the app to not just feel like a boring extension of Facebook, but rather a necessary addition that belongs, no, deserves to be on a Facebook user's smartphone. Facebook has made an incredibly bold statement with Facebook Camera — they've stepped up to the plate to deliver a solid application that doesn't feel tacked on or only done for the sake of their platform. It's a serious release. Just look at their landing page.

In fact, the way uploads and editing were handled in Facebook Camera were so good, Facebook eventually integrated them into the main Facebook app, making Facebook Camera essentially useless. The app never received an iOS 7 update and I'm surprised it stuck around this long.