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Ensure that if a device isn’t secure it can’t access your apps.  It’s Device Trust for Okta.


Nice app by Adam Swinden: Dayli lets you take a picture every day and create a timelapse video to see how things have changed over time. The app produces best results with selfies and it’s reminiscent of Everyday, although Daily is fully ready for iOS 7 (which is also required).

There are some details worth mentioning. The app can create multiple “daylis” (albums) that can contain separate collections of pictures. You can set reminders for each dayli and a frequency (you will get a local notification on your iPhone); once you have a collection of pictures you want to put together, you can create a video at 2, 4, or 8 FPS. In the camera view, you can create and turn on guides to better align your face with the iPhone, and there’s a button to overlay a previous pic on the screen so you’ll always capture pictures with the same angle/distance.

The app is relatively new, so I can’t comment on its reliability over several months with a library of hundreds of photos (which, by the way, can be saved to the Camera Roll or kept in the app). I’ve been taking a picture every day for the past two weeks; Daily has worked fine for me and I like its design and feature set.

Dayli is $1.99 on the App Store.