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CoolIris for iOS Adds Evernote Integration

Gabe Weatherhead on CoolIris' latest update:

There is now support for connecting with Evernote. Importantly, it can be configured to show photos for a specific tag as well, searches or all photos. This is a nice option for using Evernote as a photo locker. I'm loving it for the scans of my daughter's school art I collect in Evernote.

This is an interesting idea -- I imagine I could plug CoolIris into Evernote's "skitch" tag to view a stream of my Skitch notes, or perhaps the "Paperless" notebook to view the most recent receipts and bills I have scanned. I don't use Evernote as a photo locker (my photos are all backed up to Dropbox, shared through Instagram and backed up with IFTTT, or uploaded to Droplr), so I guess I would only rely on CoolIris for screenshots or documents archived as images.