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Beats Music Coming in January, Reserve Your Username Today

If you can’t settle with Rdio, find a happy home at Spotify, or are satisfied with Google Play Music All Access, there’s a new music streaming service coming from the same guys who make those bass heavy Beats headphones. Matt Panzarino at TechCrunch writes:

… It’s in an internal, private beta with ‘people who know and love music’. It’s also rolled out to some ‘artists and other influencers’ in order to get feedback, so celebs are playing with it as we speak. Rogers says they’re tweaking the service based on the feedback that they’re getting, and re-iterates that the service is set to launch in January.

If you want to grab your username, sign up here.

How does a streaming service like this differentiate? Do you make a service and launch with mobile apps that give you the most options like Rdio and Google, or differentiate in a specific way as Spotify does with playlists, Spotify Apps, and sharing? Considering who’s behind the project, I’m both curious and excited to see the end result.