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A New ProductiveMacs Bundle: 9 Great Mac Apps for $29.99

Last November Apparent Software had a fantastic and successful bundle sale. Now, they’re back with another great ProductiveMacs bundle that contains some even more excellent utilities that will help you get work done. Some of the highlights of the bundle are Dropzone (our coverage), Gemini (our review), Paperless, and Crossover. If you had to purchase all nine of these productive goodies separately they would cost $245 but this new bundle is priced at the super-low total of $29.99.

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Dark Sky 3.0

Today, Dark Sky 3.0 has been released with much anticipation since the release of their own forecasting API / website with incredibly accurate weather prediction packaged with an elegant, simple user experience.

Version 3.0 is now powered by the Forecast API and support for the UK and Ireland is now available. Gone are the brief text summaries which have been replaced by ‘intelligent’ ones that are more detailed with current conditions, next hour, and the rest of the day. They also include more than just precipitation, which is a big addition I have been waiting for.

Another new feature to Dark Sky 3.0 is the ‘Personal Weather Reporter’: any user can submit their own current conditions with a simple shake of the iPhone and then selecting conditions. You can even include a weather photo with your submission as well. The radar screen is still the same with the exception of a new magnifying glass icon in the upper left. I don’t plan on dumping the web app or my other favorite, Today (which also uses the API), but now that Dark Sky is more than just precipitation, I will use it for more than just alerts. It is awkward that notifications are still considered “beta”, but the Dark Sky team is still actively making changes to them.

The Dark Sky team has done a really great job with this update (and in the last few months) and they have proved their dedication to this genre of apps. Be sure to check out their other web app, Lines. Dark Sky 3.0 is $3.99 or a free update for existing users. The app is universal and available now on the App Store.