Twitter 5.9: It’s All About Login Verification and List Management

Twitter's latest updates bring some significant changes to their official mobile apps, such as the ability to turn on login verification (different from SMS-based login verification) and create lists.

Login Verification

Login verification requires that you have your phone when logging into Twitter on your Mac or PC. To turn it on visit the Me tab, tap on the gear, tap on Settings, then tap on Security. Make sure to save the subsequent backup code in an app like 1Password for safekeeping.

Manage Lists

You can find your lists in the Me tab if you scroll down and tap on the list entry. You can now create your own lists from inside the app, and add / remove people by visiting a Twitter profile and tapping the user button.

Social Context when Searching

As you search Twitter will show you profiles, top photos, and suggestions, while also providing context as how you're connected to other users based on your search. Your initial query result ends up looking a lot like what's found in the Discover tab.

View Photo Galleries

Also seen in our header image, photo galleries let you view anyone's profile and get all of their photos in a gallery view.

You can download the latest Twitter update for free on the App Store. Read about Twitter's latest update here.