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Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps

Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps

To get to the Dock from a fullscreen app, just move the pointer all the way to the edge where the Dock is pinned, then swipe or move the mouse in the same direction again, as if you were trying to move beyond the edge. The Dock pops right up, with no keyboard commands needed.

I saw question about this directed at @macstoriesnet yesterday, although I didn't know the trick. This morning Macworld comes through with a simple solution, although their explanation is a little confusing. Here's the gist: if your dock is on the bottom of the screen, swipe your mouse cursor down twice at the bottom edge of the display. If your dock is at the right of the screen, swipe your mouse cursor right twice. This works even when you automatically hide and show the dock. If you have an app that's open in another desktop space, you can simply click on its application icon in the dock to jump to that space without initiating Mission Control or swiping between desktops.