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You Could Soon Be Editing RAW Images on Your iPad With Adobe’s Mobile Complement to Lightroom

Our gut feeling is that professional equivalents to applications such as Aperture, Final Cut Pro, and Logic could eventually find their way to the iPad alongside a future iOS announcement or in their own Keynotes. We've talked at length before about how apps like Aperture could power mobile studios, utilizing Apple's existing software stack of services like iCloud and Photo Stream. And we weren't too far off the mark at the time — a month later Apple announced iPhoto for iOS devices, which offers more advanced editing features in contrast to the tools available in iOS' Photos app.

Adobe, which already has its own iPhoto and Photo Stream alternatives with Revel (launched as Carousel), looks to be expanding their professional suite of photography solutions with a mobile complement of Lightroom on mobile devices such as the iPad. Jeff Blagdon from The Verge writes,

The app, which is still in the early stages of development, uses the lossy DNG Smart Previews new to Lightroom 5 to keep the footprint on your tablet to a minimum, and will use the same image processing model employed in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

... During his appearance, Hogarty used an iPad 2 to zoom and scroll inside a large 5D Mark III RAW image, tweaking adjustments to shadows, highlights, and color temperature.

Christian Zibreg of iDownloadBlog also has a YouTube clip of the development build, along with a preview of the Smart Previews feature included in Lightroom 5.