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Twelve South Introduces the GhostStand, A Clear Elevated Stand for Your MacBook

Twelve South has been busy this year. Their latest new product, following HiRise, is a brand new laptop stand made out of lucite. From the product page:

GhostStand is a transparent, ultra-modern platform– and a brilliant work of art– that elevates MacBook to a more comfortable viewing height. Pair your MacBook with a full-size keyboard and mouse, then set it on GhostStand to enjoy desktop style comfort at home or work. While GhostStand makes it look like your MacBook is floating in midair, two sets of soft silicone rails keep your Mac safely grounded to this affordable lucite stand.

It's also $34.99, and can alternatively be purchased from the Apple Store online. It would pair well with a lot of Mac accessories, including those famous Harman Kardon SoundSticks. I was under the impression that the interlocking pieces of glass could be separated, making the stand portable, but that doesn't seem to be the case. This is very much a stationary piece for your desk, designed to look beautiful and give the appearance that your Mac is floating on air.