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Add NFC Payment to Your iPhone 4

Add NFC Payment to Your iPhone 4

Jealous of Nexus S users with NFC built into their phones? Want to be able to pay with your iPhone just by tapping it onto those new fancy credit card terminals? If your bank provides smaller credit cards with NFC chips, you can seamlessly add one to your iPhone 4

The current iPhone 4 doesn’t have NFC built in, but you add it via a small modification that’s compatible with your bank of choice. Some banks can issue you an NFC card (with an embedded chip and radio antenna) that can be used to make payments, and if we were as savvy as Unplggd’s Vivian Kim, we’d be placing these cards in-between the battery and the glass back in your iPhone. The hack is “impressive and fun” she writes, and can be a great way to impress your non-geek friends or that gal behind the counter. Even more impressive is the great photo she took showing off just how this works — you’ll have to click through to see how she pulls this great trick off.