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A Hack to Get Back “Save As”

A Hack to Get Back “Save As”

And to add insult to injury, as a keyboard junkie it’s not just the removing of “Save As” that saddens me. It is also the removal of a very handy keyboard shortcut that I used many times a day: Command+Shift+S. And so, by harnessing the power of Keyboard Maestro, I set up Command+Shift+S as a “Save As Hack”.

Shawn Blanc laments about how Lion’s Duplicate and Revert functions — replacements for the apparently outdated yet super useful Save As function — just don’t cut it when you want to save multiple versions of a document or quickly save a copy with an alternate name (I do this a lot when self-editing lab work in college). Apps like OmniOutliner work around this by offering templates (which were available before Lion mind you), but even then the Save As function offers a direct path to quickly renaming the file and shoving it in Dropbox if you have to.

Duplicate performs this function in that you physically get a new document copy presented on the desktop. The problem with Duplicate is that while it’s intended to be user friendly, it ends up making more work than is necessary. Instead of simply renaming and saving a document, you have to sit through an animation, close the original document, then rename and save the new document. I think its safe to say most Mac bloggers are inherently power-users, and have come to rely on quick keyboard shortcuts and tools that were standard up until now. While Duplicate isn’t as friendly for us, Shawn’s right: the worst part really is the lack of that shortcut key.

Shawn has a Keyboard Maestro macro available on his site for download. Alternatively, John Gruber and Ben Brooks offer a similar solution that doesn’t go as far, but brings back the shortcut irregardless through System Preferences.