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Still Having Trouble Installing iOS 4? Restore.

Apple released iOS 4 last week but there’s still a considerable amount of iPhone and iPod Touch users who haven’t been able to install it on their devices. They keep getting timeout sessions, iTunes errors and backups taking hours and hours just to never complete.

Fortunately for you guys, the folks over at CNET have put a useful step-by-step guide together, which you can follow in case you’re still having problems with iOS 4.

1 - Make sure you’ve upgraded iTunes to 9.2 to be ready for iOS 4.

2 - After connecting your iPhone or iPod Touch, right-click on the name of your device in iTunes and select Back Up to make sure all your apps and data are fully backed up.

3 - After the backup completes, click on the Restore button in iTunes. You’ll see the warning message asking if you’re sure you want to restore your device to its factory settings. Go ahead with the restore, which will refresh your device back to its original state and then update your firmware to iOS 4.

4 - After the restore completes, check your iPhone or iPod Touch to confirm that iOS 4 installed. Click on the Settings icon, select the General category, and then select About. The version should say 4.0.

5 - Now you can restore all your apps and data from the earlier backup. To do that, right-click on your device in iTunes, select Restore from Backup, and then choose your recent backup. This should put back all of your apps, though you’ll need to manually copy any data that you don’t sync automatically. For example, I always manually copy music from iTunes to my iPod Touch since I don’t want my entire library to transfer. After the restore, I had to recopy all the tracks that were initially on my device. But otherwise, all my apps and other data were just as I had left them.

Also, I’d like to point out that if you previously changed your hosts file to communicate with Saurik’s servers instead of Apple’s, you have to change it again and remove the custom string you entered. Many people I know kept getting iTunes errors just because the app wasn’t able to verify the software with Apple’s servers, and restoring the hosts file to default fixed it.

Check out our iOS 4 jailbreak post for more info.

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