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Kickstarter Project: “Full Metal Jacket Diary” - The iPad App

This Kickstarter Project isn’t about an iDevice accessory or a social networking game but something a little more serious and just as interactive - a book. Well, not exactly a book, but an iPad app based off the book “Matthew Modine’s Full Metal Jacket Diary.”

Back in 1985 actor Matthew Modine starred in a little movie called “Full Metal Jacket,” directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick. The movie was an instant classic. Modine decided to keep a detailed diary of his experiences and Kubrick also gave Modine permission to photograph the film-making process as well, something he never allowed. Modine captured hundreds of behind-the-scenes moments in the two years it took to finish the film. Modine made a series of 10 x 10-inch prints from the movie and gave them to Kubrick and the others as gifts. When he returned to his home in New York City he put his diary, negatives, and extra prints in a box. In the mid-90s, Modine turned his documented writings and pictures into a hardcover book called Full Metal Jacket Diary. The first edition was limited to only 20,000 laser-etched numbered copies. A paperback edition was never released and many fans of Kubrick have been waiting for something.

Video after the break.

This is where the book ties into Kickstarter. Adam Rackoff, the head of this project and ex-Apple employee, contacted Modine about turning the Diary into an “eBook.” “We wanted to take the reader on a unique journey; one they couldn’t get on an Amazon Kindle or other eReader. We realized then, that Apple’s new iPad was the perfect platform to re-release his book as an “app.” Matthew gave me his blessing and entrusted me with the contents of his book” Rackoff says on his Kickstarter Project page.

The iPad app will have an immersive experience with Modine’s diary entries & photographs along with Modine reading his own excerpts. It will also use sound effects, original music and never-before-seen images and content. All of this sounds like a perfect idea for an iPad app.

Rackoff needs some help producing this app. The Kickstarter project is trying to raise $20,000 to move forward on this project. The money is needed to professionally re-scan many negatives, finish vocal recordings, compose music, and edit the audio. If the project funds go beyond the $20,000, the app will be even better and will allow for beta testing and marketing.

Currently, there are over 70 backers that have pledged almost $6,000 toward the $20,000 goal. There are 43 days left and based on my rough math, the project should be an overwhelming success. There are many different pledge options as well, anywhere from $1 up to a sweet $10,000 pledge that gets you dinner for two and a movie (Full Metal Jacket) at the Soho House in New York with actor Matthew Modine plus some other caveats. But every pledge package has its perks like other Kickstarter projects.

Anyone who is a war movie connoisseur knows Kubrick and Full Metal Jacket. It was edgy, very real and ahead of its time. It stands out as one of my favorite war movies ever and I know Mr. John Gruber is a huge fan as well. He even linked to this Kickstarter page and said he also has one of the $20,000 hardcover editions of the Diary.

So if you’re interested in pledging or want to know more about the project, visit the Kickstarter page and the official site for the iPad app.

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