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Engadget Speculates on Verizon iPwn (iPhone)

Oh boy. These are always the rumors that set me off. Forget my rant against Flash, the issue about the Verizon iPhone is always a bothersome one. And it’s not because I care what networks the iPhone is on (I would prefer it was everywhere), but because people think the coming of the iPhone to Verizon is going to usher in a golden era of network usability - to which I disagree (if all the AT&T users jumped on Verizon, Verizon’s not going to fare any better). But that’s for another post. For now, we’ve got rumors. And those of you on Verizon who can take advantage of upgrades and all that fancy jazz, you might be happy to hear that the iPhone might be finally coming to Verizon in CDMA (and maybe) LTE fashion this summer. Maybe. Kinda.

The iPhone’s biggest competitor right now is Android. And what better way to compete against Google and friends than to put your phone on Verizon’s massive network. I have a Droid now, and if the iPhone made it’s way onto Verizon, I would ditch it in an instant. Apple just surpassed Motorola in the number of phones manufactured, so no doubt could they keep up with demand. I’m willing to place a lot of bets that a lot of people would switch from the Android phones to Apple iPhones, or more likely, people are holding out with feature phones until the iPhone arrives.

Engadget speculates on whether the new iPhone would take advantage of 4G (probably dual 3G/4G), and whether Apple and Verizon could negotiate something. Verizon is a company that wants to have control over their product, and if they brought Apple onboard, they wouldn’t be the ones issuing iPhone updates (you know how long it took to get 2.1 on the Droid?): Apple would be. And I’m surprised Verizon hasn’t come up with something by now, because the iPhone is your money-maker. Everyone wants one, people have been practically begging for it to come to Verizon, and it’s a win-win situation. Anyway, get the full rundown on Engadget before I go off on a tangent.

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