Orka Virtualization Is Coming to Apple Silicon Hardware

Apple To Open New Stores in Paris, Palo Alto

As noted in two separate reports by ifoAppleStore, Apple is planning to open a fourth retail store in Paris and completely rebuild the existing one in Palo Alto in a new location Apple was granted city building permits last year.

Starting with the new store in Paris, it will be located 30 miles away from the city, in the suburbs at the Carré Sénart shopping complex. Opening is apparently set for this November.

The development is about 30 miles south of Paris, and includes a bowling alley, multi-screen cinema, huge two-level Carrefour department store and 130 other shops. The surrounding area is promoted as the center of commerce and leisure in the region, and plans are afoot to add a large aquarium complex.

The new store in Palo Alto is a long-awaited redesign of the existing one, and will take place in a location that, according to the report, needs to be completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground-up. The design of the new company store will resemble the one seen in the popular Upper West Side (NYC) store with glass roof and stone walls.

The revised proposal for a 16,600 square-foot store at 340 University Avenue will now feature an arched, all-glass roof set on stone walls over the front two-thirds of the store, mimicking the architecture of the Upper West Side (NYC) store, and making the store “a commons for the…community to gather.” The company first submitted plans to city building officials in late 2009, proposing to remove major portions of the building, and then renovate and upgrade other portions. However, after receiving city approval for the project in January 2010, Apple’s engineers discovered structural problems with the building and recommended that it be completely demolished and re-built.

The design is aimed at bringing a new experience free of distracting elements with the focus on products showcased inside the store. Full details available here.

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