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Apple Poaches Microsoft’s Datacenter GM

Apple Poaches Microsoft’s Datacenter GM

Timmons left Microsoft this week and the company has confirmed his departure, though it declined to say why he left or where he was headed. But sources in position to know confirm he’s hired on with Apple.

When Microsoft hired Timmons in 2009, his responsibilities were briefly detailed by Technet:

In addition to bringing Kevin on board, we’ve recently restructured our Infrastructure Services team within GFS. In mid May we aligned the organization around five teams: Shared Infrastructure, Programmable Infrastructure, Platform Hardware and Standards, Global Network Services, and the Data Center Services team that Kevin now heads up.

Data Center Knowledge reports that Timmons was incredibly efficient at building scalable data center solutions on a budget, saving Microsoft $250 million in an initially estimated 500 million dollar project as Microsoft constructed a new data facility in Chicago (and later Dublin) in 2009.

At Microsoft, Timmons oversaw the deployment of massive new data centers in Dublin and Chicago shortly after his arrival in mid-2009, but then moved to streamline the company’s data center design and cost structure. Timmons said his goal is for Microsoft’s data center network to be “incredibly scalable at awesome cost effectiveness,” and said his team was on target to slash data center costs by 50 percent.

Some of Microsoft’s innovations during Timmons’ tenure are on display in its latest data center in Quincy, Washington, which is the culmination of years of design work at Microsoft Global Foundation Services, and offers dramatic reductions in cost and resources.

Apple has reportedly ordered up to 12 petabytes of storage from Isilon Systems, with Instor and Electrostak providing custom mounting, cooling, and power equipment to host the new influx of new blades Apple will deploy in their data center. Ideally, if Apple was going to build a rumored parallel data center in North Carolina, Timmons could oversee the remainder of the work and efficiently scale to deploy new services (whether it be for media or not).

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